What Games to Play This Summer: Slot Machines or Table Games?

slot machines or table games
Alexandra M
by Alexandra M
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Decided to start playing online casino games on Jetbull and don’t know what to choose: slot machines or table games? There are many kinds of games and there’s no one to stop you from trying all of them, but before you decide which casino game you favour, you should know more about the main categories. There are many ways to divide casino games into categories, but the easiest way to make a clear separation is table games vs slot machines.

In this article we will go through the following steps:

  1. Which are the main types of casino games?
  2. What are slot machines?
  3. What are table games?
  4. Slot machines vs table games
  5. Conclusion: Who won?

Which are the main types of casino games?

Every game that has a bit of luck in it and from which you can make money is considered a casino game. The main division between casino games is table games on one side and non-table games on the other.

Table games include baccarat, blackjack, poker, craps, roulette, pai gow, sic bo, and more, while non-table games are divided into slot machines, video lottery, video poker, bingo, keno and pachinko.

The table games have been around for a longer time and the non-table games are a lot younger and modern. There are all games of luck, but some table games also involve a little bit of strategy. Games like poker and blackjack, for example, will involve decision making and skill.

What are slot machines?

Known as fruit machines, slots, pokies, one-armed bandits and many other variations, slots are a beloved game all through the world. They’ve been around since the 19th century and since then they’ve gotten better and better.

While in the beginning they only existed in bars and brick and mortar casinos and you had an actual lever to pull to spin the reels and land fruit symbols, now you can play them from the comfort of your home with the click of a button.

If in the beginning slot machines had three reels and a single payline and if you landed three of a kind you won, things have gotten more complicated, more fun and with more potential wins in the meantime.

Now we have online slot machines that usually have a 5×5 reel format along with many different paylines that usually go from 9 to 100 and even some that have ways to win instead. The main difference is that there are also slot games with bonus features included that can help you win more and add to your bankroll.

The RTP (return to player) is a huge part of slot machines, in the sense that it can tell you what chances of winning you have. For example, with an RTP of 96%, if you bet 100 dollars, you should expect to get at least 96 dollars back.

What are casino table games?

Table games are the games that are played on a table and operated by one or more dealers. In online casinos, you can play them in their video game version or you can even choose to play them with a live dealer. There are many types of table games that don’t necessarily have many things in common apart from the fact that many of them are played with cards.

The main table games are:

  • Baccarat
  • Blackjack
  • Poker
  • Craps
  • Pai gow
  • Sic bo
  • Roulette
  • Red dog.

Casino table games are usually preferred by high rollers. Games like baccarat and craps are famous for the large sums of money that are bet in a gambling session. Poker (in all its forms) and blackjack have some strategy, while roulette and craps are the games that come to mind when you think of playing table games in brick and mortar casinos.

These games also have an RTP and it’s quite high, going even up to 99%.

Slot machines vs table games

The biggest difference between slot machines and table games is the fact that while table games are classics that might have some variants remain pretty much the same, while slots change with every individual game. Each one has a different theme, different gameplay and graphics, other game features and more or fewer chances to win.

When it comes to RTPs, table games usually have a higher RTP, but some online slots measure up and can compete with that.

Depending on your taste, you might find some games more entertaining than others, but statistically speaking most people enjoy video slots more than table games.

Table games rule the scene in brick and mortar casinos, both online it’s all about video slots.

While in most table games you can only win a set payout or the prize of a tournament, video slots come with progressive jackpots that can reach infinite amounts. This means that, theoretically, you can win more money when playing video slots.

Conclusion: Who won?

While all games are great, and it is possible for a player to try games from both categories and enjoy them, slots seem to have better odds of being your favourite online casino game. This is because they give you more options and possibilities and you have thousands of variations to play. This level of diversity is clearly beyond that of table games.

So, all in all, it seems that slot machines are the way to go in this day and age when you are playing in online casinos. For classic casinos in the real world, table games still have a chance and even rule in many of them, both in the online medium, it’s slots that spark everyone’s interest.