Pro Tips on How to Take Full Advantage of the Best Casino Bonuses

Tips for the Best Casino Bonuses
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We’ve updated this article about the best casino bonuses for you! Now, we’ve added several new sections to bring you even more information than before. You’ll find a step-by-step guide on how to claim bonuses, the full advantages and disadvantages of bonuses, a glimpse into the future and much more.

Today’s article was created especially for you, the user who knows some things about the best online casino bonuses but doesn’t have the “inside info” Jetbull has that’s needed to fully take advantage of the bonuses.

Of course, we will go through some basic things as well, seeing that there are a lot of players that don’t really have the patience to go through countless articles trying to find out more info about the subject and want to get all the important information in just one place.

Every player, new or veteran, from the UK or any country that allows gambling, knows what a casino bonus is and that in order to succeed in your gambling adventure you will need them. While they all come with some sort of wagering requirements that are not always easy to deal with, in the end, they are worth it.

Not all bonuses were created equal and you need to be able to see which ones can work for you and choose them wisely. When you are playing for real money, bonuses are half the „battle“ and you can turn a win into a big success!

On Jetbull you can find every type of casino bonus that could interest you, from a signup bonus to a VIP bonus and everything in between. But how do you know which are the best ones for you and how to claim them?

What Does Jetbull Have to Offer?

Since we have the most casino games out of all online casino games, it only makes sense that we also offer all types of bonuses for our customers. We’re not just a first deposit bonus casino, we want players to keep coming back because your experience is very important to us.

Read further to see what bonuses we’ve added that fit your e-gaming style. At the moment you will find these casino bonuses at Jetbull:

  • Welcome Bonus
  • Reload Bonus
  • 50-200 Spins Bonus
  • Cashback Bonus

In fact, these are the top bonuses at most online casinos because they give players exactly what they need. But let’s dive into the main types of casino bonuses and see how they can support you and take your gambling experience to the next level.

First Deposit Bonus Offer

Maybe the most well-known bonus of all time, the welcome bonus can come as a 1st deposit bonus of 100% of your deposit up to a certain sum, it can be a no deposit bonus or even a combination of a matchup/percentage bonus with some added spins.

While you can only get it once, if you „play your cards right“ and read the T&Cs thoroughly, you can start a bankroll that can last you for quite some time.

First deposit bonuses offer you the opportunity to play for a longer time and with more money than you would have if you would’ve just made a deposit and not claimed a bonus.

A great example of a hefty welcome bonus is the one you can claim on Jetbull right now. Grab the casino welcome bonus and use it to play Jetbull’s over 3000 casino games.

Reload Casino Bonus

The reload casino bonus is what you get when you return to the casino and make a second deposit or third or every deposit that comes after the first one until the end of time.

It’s usually a percentage, a match up bonus of up to a certain sum or a fixed sum and it can sometimes also be accompanied by some spins.

The main advantage is that you get to play with more money than you actually invest and get more chances of winning. Since you were going to play anyway they are just an extra gift to enjoy.

At Jetbull you can use this weekly reload bonus to play not only online slots, but you can also use it on the live casino or mobile casino.

50-200 Spins for Everyone!

Who doesn’t like 50-200 spins? If you get lucky and find extra spins that work on your favourite slots, then you’ve hit the jackpot and can have fun and win big at the same time.

These feast of spins bonuses can be for a particular slot game, for more games created by the same software provider or for all slots. A huge advantage of these spins is that you get an amazing combination – you play for free but win for real.

Jetbull has two amazing spins offers at the moment. The first one is a welcome bonus that also comes with extra spins, while the most intriguing one is the second one the exclusive 50-200 spins offer on mobile.

Jetbull Casino Cashback Bonus

A casino’s loyalty program is very important and can really help players out. This is a win-win situation for both players and the casino because they both get what they want: the casino gets a loyal player and the player feels special and gets some special gifts.

The advantage here is that no matter if it’s a cashback or just a deposit bonus, it’s still a great way to increase your bankroll.

Right now, on Jetbull you can get this sort of loyalty program that’s in the form of a casino cashback offer. Every player is automatically a part of the casino cash rewards loyalty program and you will get Casino Frequent Player Points (FPP).

Every time you play casino games you are awarded FPPs and you can convert them into hard cash at the click of a button.

Jetbull Online Casino VIP

This is where the magic happens. After you find out how great the VIP players have it, you will definitely want to become a VIP as well!

The online casino VIP program brings together a killer combination of bonuses and perks that are a player’s dream.

There are countless advantages of being a VIP player and, frankly, no disadvantages. You can get extra bonuses like Monthly Special VIP Promotions, up to 20% cashback on net losses, birthday bonuses, real gifts and many more bonuses. You also have access to Deluxe Customer Support via the Jetbull VIP Department and your very own dedicated VIP Account Manager.

Another huge perk is that you can get instant, on-demand withdrawals, no fees on unlimited withdrawals, as well as an unlimited number of daily withdrawals. In order to gain access to this royal treatment you will first have to become informed by reading all the terms and conditions and chatting with the customer support if you have any questions about depositing or playing.

A good player knows when to push and when to stop and always practices responsible gambling. Once you get there, we have you covered.

How Is a Bonus Used?

Claiming a bonus shouldn’t hard work and on Jetbull we have a very simplified version of things that will move things along smoothly and swiftly.

Depending on the type of bonus there are different ways to claim them. Further on we will explain, in detail, exactly how to claim a bonus in all the possible ways available on Jetbull.

Claiming a bonus type 1

  1. You make an account/ sign in and go to the promotion you desire that’s on Jetbull’s promotions page.
  2. You click on the promotion’s button to be sent to the deposit page.
  3. You make the qualifying deposit and choose the bonus you desire.
  4. You are automatically granted the bonus.

Claiming a bonus type 2

  1. You make an account or sign in to Jetbull and find the bonus you want.
  2. You send an email to support@jetbull(dot)com or use the live chat feature.
  3. Within 24 hours, the bonus will be credited to your account.

Claiming a bonus type 3

  1. You sign in to Jetbull.
  2. If you have a recurring bonus that bonus will automatically be credited to your account.

What Are the Wagering Requirements?

Playing responsibly is highly important and you should never skip this. A huge part of playing responsibly is connected to the wagering requirements.

Wagering requirements are a list of “demands” the casino has from players that choose to claim a bonus.

They are the casino’s way of making sure that they are not being abused by players claiming bonuses and wrongfully using them, as well as a way to ensure that they won’t lose huge and unlimited amounts of money.

Usually, they will require players to turn over the funds they have received from a bonus a number of times, or place bets of a certain value on exclusive spins.

The details are different from casino to casino and from bonus to bonus. Fair casinos usually have wagering requirements somewhere between 30x and 45x. This means that if you claim a bonus of €100 you will have to play the equivalent of €3000 (both from the bonus and your own funds, or just one of them, again depending on the casino) for a 30x wagering requirement.

It’s crucial that before deciding to claim a bonus you read the wagering requirements and the Terms and Conditions. Even if you’ve claimed other bonuses from a casino before you should remember that they are different every time and reading them completely is the only way to make sure you agree with them and are safe.

Advantages of Casino Bonuses

This is the main advantage of casino bonuses: you get an extra shot to win big. You get to play with more credits without risking as much. Statistically speaking, bigger or consecutive bets will theoretically bring you a bigger win. This is if you’re interested in the winning part of gambling.

If you’re in it just for fun, then bonuses can help you with this too because you get to play a lot more for a little deposit while the rest is on the casino.

The best way to get the full advantages of bonuses is to find those that work for you. Most people tend to go for welcome bonuses, those no deposit bonuses/deposit bonuses that mean you get to play with virtually no risks or enjoy exclusive spins because of the same reason.

This doesn’t mean that the other bonuses can’t help you because cashback bonuses are a great way to help you cut your losses and even rebuild your bankroll and they’re also quite popular on Jetbull.

Disadvantages of Casino Bonuses

As all things in life, casino bonuses have their disadvantages as well. This is why you need to check the Terms and Conditions thoroughly so that you can weigh the good and the bad and decide if it’s worth it.

Wagering requirements may seem a little difficult to fulfil and finish with a win, not a loss or the same funds you started with in the first place.

Another downside might be the fact that if you do win big most casinos have a payment limit which means that you won’t be able to withdraw more than a certain sum/week, or you won’t be able to withdraw more than a set sum specified in the T&C’s. You should also pay attention to the time frames that are set on bonuses.

The upside is that if you pick a great online casino like Jetbull you actually get the best bonuses and you don’t have to deal with so many disadvantages.

Jetbull Casino Wins for Some Slot Games

No one wants to play at an online casino where no one seems to be able to win big. Luckily, this isn’t the case with Jetbull because a lot of players keep winning big and making things interesting. We’ve decided you should hear some of our favourite success stories with Jetbull players that managed to score big even with tiny bets!


This comes to prove that no matter how big or small your bet is, you never know when luck might come around and that jackpot will hit.

The best way to take full advantage of everything our casino has to offer is to combine bonuses with bonus features from slot games. Some games have a plethora of bonus features that will help you get that big win more efficiently, and if you pair them with the right bonuses, you will make the most of them. Extra tip: check out our slot games Return to Player (RTP) article for more winning tips.

What is Crucial When Claiming a Casino Bonus?

You can become a better player, have more fun and win more if you take advantage of the latest casino bonuses and stay informed, without skipping the T&Cs.

The T&Cs are absolutely crucial when it comes to online casino bonuses and casinos in general because that’s where you will find everything you need to know.

Only by reading them you can know for sure if that bonus is right for you and if you like everything about it and agree with wagering requirements, excluded games etc. If you don’t read them, you will never know for sure what games you can play with that specific bonus and you might end up misusing the bonus. By reading everything carefully you are able to think things through and can decide on the best options. Also, always remember to gamble responsibly and don’t get carried away.

If you have any questions about bonuses or feel that you might have a gambling problem, contact our customer support as soon as possible. Their only purpose is to help you out.

Future of Casino Bonuses?

In 2018 things seem to be shifting more towards the player. If in the past some online casinos might have only been interested in their gain and nothing else, now responsible gambling is the most important thing.

For this reason, all the great online casinos are beginning to be more transparent and are undergoing changes to switch from spamming players with the so called “free spins” offers to the more accurate “extra spins”. This is just one of the many small changes that make a big difference. You will also see a lot more push towards becoming a VIP player.

This will work in the favour of both the casino and the player because the player will get a lot more benefits, while the casino will get more loyal players. We’ve already seen a bunch of changes, with GamStop allowing all self-excluded players to automatically be excluded from all UK Gambling Commission-licensed sites automatically. This change aims to have those that think they might have a gambling problem get better by denying access in all online casinos so that the player may not “relapse”.

So, the future is looking bright for players and the casinos are actually trying to help enforce responsible gambling and make sure that every player is gambling for the right reason: entertainment.

Are There Any Other Promotions to Look Forward To?

In this post we’ve dealt almost exclusively with the best casino bonuses, which are incidentally the most common ones as well, but there are many other kinds available on Jetbull so that no player is unhappy.

Apart from the main types of bonuses that we’ve discussed above, you will also find other player favourites on Jetbull.

A bonus that players seems to love is the Game of the Month promotion, in which we give extra spins on epic games just because you choose to be a trailblazer and play new and exciting games. We also take care of our players by making sure they enjoy themselves on the weekend and we do this with our Extra Spins for the Weekend promotion.

From cash prizes to exclusive spins on mobile devices, on Jetbull you can always find a great promotion. When you decide to start playing at Jetbull you no longer have to search for bonuses because it’s almost like the bonuses just come to you.

After you’ve made an account on Jetbull, or logged in, you will be able to see all the current bonuses and promotions on offer (except for the special VIP promotions which will be sent directly to VIPs) on the Promotions casino pages. If you decide to become a VIP player there will be a lot of perks in it for you and you will get even better promotions which are tailored to fit your particular needs.

You can get e-mails about our latest promotions to always be ahead of the game and jump right on them. Just hit subscribe and you will be notified of anything that interests you.

So, go ahead check out the latest casino bonuses on Jetbull and see what works for you. From there on, it’s all fun and games with big wins!