Knowing the Score: How to Profit From Correct Score Markets

Dan A.
by Dan Afteni
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The most popular football betting market is the Match Outcome, and that is where most football bettors focus most of their attention. But there are many other football markets worth looking at, all of which can provide a significant edge for the shrewd punter who is prepared to do their homework. One of the most interesting is the Correct Score market.

Why Correct Score?

The aim when betting on the Correct Score market is simple. You are attempting to predict the final score of a football match. Jetbull offer odds on a range of potential scores, from 0-0 right up to results involving ten goals and more! At first glance, this way of betting appears to be a lottery.

After all, there are so many things that can happen in a game of football, from unlucky own goals to dubious penalties. How can it be possible to profit in such an unpredictable market?

Well, for a start, it is not true to say that the final score in a game is unpredictable. It is a more volatile market than others, but there are ways to reduce the random element and make a success of betting on Correct Score markets. And, since this is a less popular market, anyone who takes the time to master Correct Score betting will have a significant advantage over their fellow punters.

Some Basic Mathematics

Some punters who bet on the Correct Score develop complicated mathematical formulas to produce their own odds. While you may not want to wander that far into the undergrowth of algebra and linear regression, a little basic mathematics work is required before you bet.

The first thing you need to establish is the goal scoring rate in the competition you are looking at. Although this will generally be in the range of 2.3 to 2.8 goals per game, some leagues consistently produce higher scoring games than others, and that 0.5 of a goal could make a big difference.

Know Your Teams

When you know how many goals to expect from an average game in the tournament, you will have a benchmark to compare the goalscoring rates of individual teams. Go back at least half a season and add up how many goals per game the teams have scored and conceded, at home and away. You will then have an idea of how many goals to expect in any game at any venue involving those teams.

Doing Your Analysis

Starting with the home team, compare how many goals they are scoring per home game with the average for the league, factor in how many goals the away team are conceding per away game, then repeat the process for the away team. You can develop mathematical formulas for this analysis, but it is often better to use your own judgement, as allows you to be more flexible.

Wildcard Factors

With your analysis complete, you will have a rough idea of how many goals you can expect each team to score. But you aren’t yet ready to bet. You need to consider wild card factors. For instance, is one team missing some key creative players? Are the away team likely to adopt unusually defensive tactics? Is the home side currently going through a run of bad form? This is where you can use your football knowledge to tweak the figures to account for additional factors.

Putting It All Together

Now you have a solid estimate for the final score, you can check out the prices in the Jetbull Correct Scores market. Weighing up odds is an art form, but the important thing to remember is to be flexible. For instance, your analysis may tell you that the game is likely to be low scoring, but although you are predicting a 1-0 home win, you may find that the odds on a 0-0 draw or a 1-0 away win are bigger than you would expect and that these also could represent good bets.


The Jetbull Correct Score markets offer plenty of opportunities for those prepared to do their homework. With a little basic mathematics, a flexible approach, and a keen eye for a good price, you too can profit from this underrated area of football betting.