How to Make BTTS Pay With This Must-Read Guide

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by Dan Afteni
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While most football betting fans focus on the traditional match winners markets, shrewd punters are always on the lookout for specialised markets as these can often provide bigger rewards for those prepared to put in the work or dig out the best advice. There are many such opportunities out there, but one of the most interesting is the BTTS market.

What does BTTS mean?

BTTS is an abbreviation that stands for Both Teams To Score. One of the attractions of this bet is that it is easy to follow. To win your bet, all you need is for both teams in a match to score. It doesn’t matter whether the final score ends up at 1-1 or 5-4, as long as both sides find the net, you will be a winner. It can be an enjoyable way to bet as, unlike a Match Winner bet, your wager is likely to still be alive going into the final minutes of the game. Even matches that are poised at 0-0 can produce a flurry of late goal action.

Many football punters also like to combine their BTTS bets into accumulators. The advantage of the BTTS accumulator bet is that you have an interest in every part of your bet right up until the final minute of injury time. That is rarely the case with a traditional accumulator based on the standard Match Winner markets.

How should you pick a BTTS prediction?

Every football punter will find their own method, but there are certain factors to focus on if you are considering a bet in the BTTS markets or putting together a BTTS accumulator.

  • Always start by looking at the records of the teams involved. Focus on how many goals they score and concede in a match and look at how many of their games have produced goals for both teams, both recently and over the last few months.
  • Focus on teams that like to play attacking football but have a relatively weak defence, or leave their defence unprotected. For a BTTS bet, you are looking for a game that will be an end-to-end affair, so teams that take a cautious approach should be avoided. Look out for teams that score and concede more than the average.
  • Top teams playing on the road can often produce a good BTTS betting opportunity. The best teams such as Barcelona, Bayern Munich and Manchester City are likely to play an attacking style wherever they go, but opposing teams will be more confident with home support and can often grab a goal or two, even if they lose.
  • Be wary of teams that are suffering an injury crisis or have nothing to play for. No matter what their scoring or conceding record shows, if you can’t be sure that a team will be at their best, or trying 100 percent, don’t even think of betting on their games.

Where to find tips for football bets?

Many football punters like to do their own research when putting together their BTTS or accumulator BTTS bets, but there are alternatives. Punters who are pressed for time or who want to weigh up the opinions of experts before putting their bet on can look for football betting BTTS tips and advice, such as the football tips at Jetbull.

Jetbull Football Tips offers a full preview for all the main football matches to help you get the most out of your football betting. By looking at the latest football betting tips, and reading expert views, you can not only improve your profit levels, but also learn new ideas, strategies and angles to help with your BTTS betting selections.

Both Teams To Score with Boosted Odds!

Every shrewd football punters is on the lookout for ways to increase their odds and their chances of winning, and the Jetbull Boosted Odds offer is a great way to capitalise on your BTTS knowledge when placing a BTTS or BTTS accumulator bet.

Jetbull offer Boosted Odds for BTTS bets simply by clicking on the Boost Your Odds option on the relevant market page. When you make your bet, the odds will be increased by the amount shown on-screen. Terms and conditions apply, for instance, there is a maximum stake per bet, and it has to be placed at odds that are no higher than 1.9 but it is a great way to increase your potential profits and ideal for those punters who have a solid BTTS tip.

Questions about Both Teams to Score?

The BTTS markets apply to football matches from a wide range of different competitions and leagues, including the Premier League, La Liga, Bundesliga and MLS, and it is possible to find some tempting odds in overseas games.

To find out more about the Jetbull BTTS markets, or if you have any questions about any aspect of BTTS betting, check out the Jetbull site or get in touch with the Jetbull team and they will be happy to answer your queries, whether you want to know how to place a BTTS bet, have a question about the terms and conditions of the BTTS markets, or are interested in taking up a Jetbull Boosted Odds offer on your BTTS bet.


For football punters looking for a new way to bet, the BTTS market is ideal. By betting in a specialised market, you can maximise your winning chances, providing you do your homework, and with a BTTS bet, your wager will be alive until the final seconds of the match.

Whether you do your own research or draw on the detailed previews and sports odds available at Jetbull, the BTTS market can add an extra winning dimension to your football betting strategy.