How Football Accumulator Tips Can Boost your Betting

The 5 minute Guide to Football Accumulator Tips will Boost your Betting
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by Dan Afteni
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An accumulator is a popular way to bring up a big win in sports betting for a relatively small stake. The principle of a football accumulator is simple to follow. A football accumulator can include two, three or many more bets in any football market. For example, let’s say that you want to make three different bets:

  • Oldham vs Barnsley
  • Portsmouth vs Gillingham
  • Lorient vs Grenoble

You could make all of these bets separately, but by combining them in a single bet, you will be able to maximise your potential profit. This is the great advantage of an accumulator bet.

When you place a football accumulator bet, the profit from the first bet rolls over to become the stake for the next bet and so on. If one of the bets is unsuccessful, then the accumulator fails, but if all your bets win, you can land a big payout.

Calculating the returns for a football accumulator is easy. All you have to do is to multiply the odds of all your selections together to find the combined odds of the accumulator, and then multiply that by your stake.

So, in the example above, if all your bets were successful your return would be 3.0 x 2.25 x 1.67 = 11.25 times your initial stake. As you can see, this is a handy way to get good odds and a big profit for a small stake, which is why accumulators are so popular.

Sometimes you will find accumulators named after the number of bets that they involve. So, for example, a double would involve two bets, a treble four bets and a fivefold would feature five bets. In theory, there are no limits to the number of bets you can include in your football accumulator! You will also find that accumulators are also sometimes called multiples.

Many football punters like to use accumulator tips to build one of these bets around major football events such as the World Cup or the Premier League. As shown above, you can construct your football accumulator by combining wagers from any betting market. You can build a winning accumulator based on teams you think are a good bet to win their games or use bets from any other market such as both teams to score or correct score.

Another thing to remember with football accumulators is that even if one of the bets is void, the accumulator doesn’t fail. The void bet is simply removed from the larger bet and while this means that you will stand to receive a smaller return than originally hoped for, it does mean that you don’t lose your stake in the event that a match is abandoned.

How do I place a football accumulator bet?

We try to make it simple for our customers to place an accumulator bet. Simply follow the steps below to make your wager:

  • Sign Up to Jetbull 
  • Head to the first betting market that you want to bet on
  • Make your first selection and check that it appears in your betting slip. This will be displayed on the right-hand side of the page
  • Switch to the next market to add your next selection and continue until you have added all of the bets you want to combine in your football accumulator
  • Your betting slip will now give you the option to turn your individual selections into an accumulator by clicking on the Multiple tab
  • Your betting slip will now display the odds for your accumulator
  • Enter your stake in the relevant box and make your bet

It really is that easy to set up your football accumulator and give yourself the chance of turning football tips into a big profit with a small stake.

How to take advantage of sign-up offers

One of the best ways to profit with a football accumulator is to take advantage of one of the generous sign-up offers or free bet offers. Jetbull has some of the best sign up offers and boosted odds deals for accumulators, and we also provide one of the most competitive betting deals with our  WELCOME BONUS, to help you kick off your football accumulator betting in style.

How can I follow your accumulator tips?

Before you part with your money it’s a good idea to study the latest news and football tips. By reading the advice of expert tipsters and analysts, you can help take your football accumulator betting to the next level and boost your profits significantly.

Jetbull doesn’t just offer some of the best odds for football; we also bring for our football betting fans a comprehensive range of the best football accumulator tips and analysis on our football betting. We gather all of the information you need in one place, bringing together team news, injury updates, stats and analysis on all the latest football games to produce predictions and betting insight designed to help you become a better punter.

You can follow the free Jetbull football tips and get the details for football accumulator tips today by checking out our betting tips page or by signing up to our weekly newsletter, which brings you great football tips and offers direct to your inbox.

There a few thrills greater in football betting than landing a big football accumulator for a small stake, and with a bookmaker like Jetbull, you can benefit from great sports odds and free betting tips to help you crush the odds and get the most out of this exciting form of betting.

We want our players to have fun so please gamble responsibly while betting at Jetbull.