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What is the fascination with betting on horse races?

There is reason why horse racing in the UK is known as the sport of kings! Back in the seventeenth century, Charles I and his son Charles II both promoted the sport and by the time of Queen Anne, horse racing had become established as a popular pastime for the wealthy and crowds of spectators gathered at venues such as Newmarket Heath to watch the finest thoroughbreds race for enormous prizes.

Betting on the outcome of these races was part of the sport from the very beginning with thousands of pounds being wagered, and has remained an important part of horse racing ever since. While it is now possible to bet on a wide range of sports, there are few sports that can match the excitement of a big horse race, and no other sport that embraces betting so fully. Some of the biggest races are debated and wagered on for days and even weeks in advance and major events such as the Grand National or the Cheltenham Gold Cup attract betting audiences of millions, all attempting to solve the puzzle and find the winner!

Horse racing bets and jargon

Like most betting markets, horse racing has its own jargon that can often be confusing to newcomers. One of the most important pieces of horse racing jargon is ‘starting price’ or SP as it is often referred to. The starting price is relevant to horse race bettors as it may determine the size of your return if your horse is a winner.

A starting price is set for every horse that starts a race. It is announced shortly after the race has started and compiled by combining prices across a sample range of bookmakers. The starting price may vary from the price offered by your bookmaker, so it is important to know which price you are getting when you make a bet.

But before you can make your bet it can be useful to look at the available advice. Here is quick guide to the main types of horse racing tips you will come across:

Nap of the Day

The word ‘nap’ when applied to horse racing is of uncertain origin, but the phrase ‘nap of the day’ refers to a tipster’s most confident tip from that day’s racing. No horse is a certainty, of course, but in theory the nap of the day is the one most likely to win.

Accumulator Tips

An accumulator is a type of multi-bet in which the profits from one bet roll onto the next. If one of the bets is a loser, the accumulator fails, but if all the bets are winners, it is possible to pick up a significant return. Accumulators are a popular way to bet on horses and many punters combine tips in separate races to build up a potentially rewarding accumulator.

Lucky 15 Tips

The Lucky 15 is a combination bet made up of 15 elements. It contains four selections, combined into one four-fold accumulator, four trebles, six doubles and four singles. The advantage of the Lucky 15 is that you can still make a profit even if not all of the selections win. Lucky 15 tips will usually contain a mix of banker and high-priced bets.

Double Tips

A double is one of the most popular ways to bet on horse racing. It is a kind of accumulator, made up of just two bets but each bet must be placed on a different race. Double tips often combine two high priced horses so that if both win, the punter’s rewards are maximised.

Early Value Tips

Value is an important concept in horse racing betting. A bet is considered to be a value bet if the odds of the horse winning are shorter than the odds offered by the bookmaker. The best value bets can be found early on, soon after a particular race market has opened, before the prices have settled down. To take advantage of early value tips you often have to move quickly, but you can end up with some very attractive prices.

The best strategy for betting on horse races

Horse racing betting has been around for centuries and in that time there have been thousands of betting strategies. It may seem counter-intuitive, but it is possible for any number of strategies to succeed. But that success is unlikely to be achieved if you are doing what most people are already doing. The odds in any horse racing market are a reflection of the combined strategies of all the people betting in that market. If you’re looking for value in the same place as everyone else, it’s likely that it will be gone before you get there.

So the best strategy for betting on horse races is any strategy that is not being widely used. If you can find an edge, either by spotting an error in the market or exploiting an angle that no-one else is using, then you can be a winner. How you find that edge is up to and will be a matter of experimentation. You may put in hours of study, or develop an elaborate rating system, or find the best horse racing tips around, such as those at Jetbull. However you do it, if you go against the crowd, your strategy is more likely to be a winning one.

How to bet on horses with Jetbull

Jetbull combines the best of tradition with user-friendly features and competitive prices. Newcomers can sometimes be intimidated when looking at horse racing markets for the first time but Jetbull makes it easy to bet on the horses.

All you need to do is open the Jetbull Sports page and look down the left-hand side of the page to find the horse icon. Click on the icon and you will open the Jetbull horse racing page. All the upcoming races are listed in chronological order with each runner clearly displayed and you can also choose to filter the race list by country.

Simply click on the horse that you’re interested in betting on and this will appear in the Bet Slip on the right-hand side of the page. There you can customise your bet, with Each Way and Multiple options and your potential winnings will be shown below, giving you the chance to review your bet before you confirm it. Betting on horse racing with Jetbull is easy!

Is Jetbull the best horse racing tips site?

Some horse racing punters like to carry out their own research when choosing a horse to bet on but there are other options. If you are short of time or are interested in considering the opinions of experts, then it can be a good idea to check out the previews and tips of top horse racing betting experts, such as those at Jetbull, which offers some of best tips around.

Jetbull provides a range of tipping advice to help you to get to grips with horse racing betting. By checking out the latest horse racing tips from Jetbull, you will help to get a feel for a particular race and along the way you will also be able to improve your own horse racing betting strategy by picking up new ideas and considering different angles.

How to pick your winning horse?

So how do you narrow down a field of horses to find the best bet? There are many different strategies but most professional horse racing punters will not have a bet without considering the effect of the following key racing factors;

  • Ability. The most important consideration in any race is the horse’s ability. This can be determined by official ratings or private ratings, and it is also important to bear in mind that younger horses may still be improving, while older horses can deteriorate.
  • Form. You may have found the best horse in the race but if it is out of form, it probably won’t be ready to run to its best level. By checking how a horse has been running in recent outings, you can filter out competitors that are not at their peak.
  • Going. Most horses have a preference for certain underfoot conditions that can be established by looking at their form. Some horses won’t run well on soft going while others prefer the mud. Make sure your horse can cope with the prevailing ground.
  • Distance. You wouldn’t ask a marathon runner to take on Usain Bolt or vice versa and the same applies to horse racing. Some horses are built for sprint races, while others come into their own over longer distances. Before you bet on a horse be sure that it will be suited by the distance of today’s race.
  • Weight. If you’re betting on a handicap, weight is vital. In handicap races, higher rated horses have to carry more weight, and while big, strong horses can cope with this, smaller horses may struggle. Judging whether the weight a horse will carry might hinder their chances is a vital aspect of betting on handicap races.
  • Draw. In flat races, the order in which the horses line up, also known as the draw, can be decisive. At some UK courses, there is a distinct advantage to racing on one part of the track, particularly in shorter races. By doing a little digging to establish how the draw bias is affecting a particular course, you could give yourself a big advantage.

This list is not definitive and there are many more factors that could be considered, including the ability of the trainer and the jockey, the age of the horse, the length of time since the horse last ran and so on. But by studying these six areas you will find it easier to identify stand-out contenders and to pick the winning horse.

What about virtual horse racing?

Virtual horse racing is an interesting alternative to live horse racing, featuring highly detailed graphically impressive representations of fictional horses, and a genuine betting market.

Some people may be concerned that virtual horse racing is fixed, as it is operated by a computer, but this is not the case. As with online casino games, the outcomes of virtual horse races at Jetbull are determined by a Random Number Generator and a series of algorithms designed to recreate the horse racing dynamic as realistically as possible. The fairness of virtual horse racing, like all online gaming, is properly regulated by the UK Gambling Commission and other bodies to ensure that it is fair.

Do you have special bonuses?

Jetbull believes in providing the best possible deal for punters and offers a special welcome bonus. This is one of the most generous horse racing bonus offers around and definitely worth checking out.

Some last minute horse racing tips

Covering everything involved in successful horse racing betting would take several volumes, but there are some useful tips to bear in mind that could help you improve your betting:

Be choosy. You don’t need to bet in every race, so pick your moment and maximise your bet.

Specialise. There’s a lot of racing out there and you can’t keep on top of all of it. Find the area of horse racing that suits your betting style and stick to that.

Keep records. It can be a little tedious but the small effort involved is worth it. By keeping records of your bets, you can weigh up your betting technique, work out what kind of races you do well or badly in and improve your strategy.

Have fun and play safe! As well as offering the chance to make a profit, betting on horse racing can be fun. There’s nothing quite like the sight of a line of thoroughbred horses charging across the Newmarket turf on a sunny day so take time out from the heat of battle occasionally to watch the racing action and remind yourself what a glorious pastime the sport of kings can be.

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