Best Types of Football Bet

Best Types of Football Bet
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by Dan Afteni
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 What is a Single bet?

For football punters all over the world, the simple single bet is the most popular type of bet. It’s called a single bet because it involves staking on a single selection in one event, although you can make single bets in a wide range of football markets. For example, you could bet on Arsenal to beat Chelsea at 3.0 or in the same game you could bet on Arsenal to win 2-1 in the Correct Score market and Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang at 6.0 in the First Goalscorer market.

If they are made as separate bets and not combined with any other selection, then all of these bets are known as single bets. One advantage of the single bet is that the outcome of your bet is not dependant on other bets in different markets, so you only need to be right once to win. As you will see later on in this guide, that isn’t the case with many football bets. The other main advantage is that it is simple to calculate your winnings from a single bet.

For instance, let’s say you bet £10 on Arsenal to beat Chelsea at 3.0. If Arsenal wins the game, you would gain a return of £40 and a profit of £30. This simplicity and lack of unusual terminology is what makes the single bet appealing to many beginners.

What is a Doubles bet?

Modern football punters may not be aware of the history of football betting, but there was a time when it was difficult to find bookmakers prepared to accept single bets on a football match. Those days are long gone, of course, but the popularity of the football doubles bet dates from the era when this was the main way to bet on football.

A doubles bet is an accumulator, that is a wager that brings together two or more selections into one bet. As the name suggests, in a doubles bet, you combine two separate single bets into one. If the first bet is a winner, then your stake on that bet, combined with your winnings, becomes the stake of the second bet. If both of your selections are successful, then you’re a winner, and your winnings will be much larger than if you had backed each selection singly.

For example, let’s say that you think Arsenal are a good bet to beat Chelsea in a Premier League game at 3.0. You also fancy Tottenham to beat Liverpool at 3.5. If you backed both of these selections for £10 as singles, your total returns would be £85 and your profit £65. But if you combined them in a double, the £40 return from the Arsenal bet would become the stake for the Chelsea bet, resulting in a return of £140 and a profit of £130.

As you can see, it is possible to significantly increase your winnings with a doubles bet, however, a doubles bet also carries more risk than a single bet as if either one of your selections loses, the whole bet goes down. Football punters, therefore, have to weigh up in each case whether combining their bets into a doubles bet is the best way to maximise profit.

How does a Trixie bet work?

Here’s where things start to get more complicated! The Trixie bet is a combination bet that includes four bets based around three selections. All four bets are accumulators, that is they are made up of more than one single bet. In the case of a Trixie bet, there are three doubles and one treble. We will look at the treble bet later on in this guide.

To make a Trixie bet, you need to have three separate selections. Take the example of the Premier League single bets described in the preceding section. If you wanted to add a third selection, you could then make a Trixie bet. Let’s say you also wanted to bet Everton to beat Manchester United at 4.0. Your Trixie bet would be made up of:

  • One doubles bet on Arsenal and Tottenham
  • One doubles bet on Tottenham and Everton
  • One doubles bet on Arsenal and Everton
  • One trebles bet on Arsenal, Tottenham and Everton

Your total stake would be split between the four bets. So if you only wanted to wager £10 on this Trixie, you would be betting £2.5 on each of the four bets. The advantage of a Trixie is that only two of your selections would need to be winners in order for you to make a profit.

It is possible to calculate the returns on a Trixie bet yourself, but easier to use one of the many combination bet calculators available online. In this Trixie, you will make a profit if two of the selections are winners or if all three are winners. If you backed this Trixie with £10 this is the profit you can expect for each of the possibilities:

  • Arsenal and Tottenham win. Profit = £16.25
  • Tottenham and Everton win. Profit = £25.00
  • Arsenal and Everton win. Profit = £20.00
  • Arsenal, Tottenham and Everton win. Profit = £186.25

As you can see, the Trixie is a good way to ensure that you can make a profit even if one of your selections is not successful. The downside of the Trixie is that you have to make four bets so your stake will be four times larger than if you were betting on a double or single.

What is a Patent bet?

A Patent bet is a variation on the Trixie Bet that offers more cover for your three selections. It’s a combination bet based on the Trixie but with the addition of three Single bets, covering each of your chosen events, making a final combination of three Singles, three Doubles and a Treble, offering potentially bigger returns than a Trixie, though requiring a larger stake as you are effectively covering seven lines at the same time.

As with the Trixie, there are a number of easy to use online calculators that will help you work out your profit depending on the outcome of your bets. If the example selections used in the Trixie described above were combined in a Patent with a £20 stake, and all three bets were successful, the return would be £151.05 and the profit would be £131.10.

The Patent is in many ways a kind of cover bet or twist bet that provides extra security as you will make a profit if any of your selections are winners, and is a useful alternative to the Trixie.

What is a Yankee bet?

Just as it is possible to add more bets to a double or a treble to produce larger accumulator bets, you can also increase the size of your combination bets by adding in more selections. This brings us to the Yankee, which is based around four selections.

Legend has it that the Yankee earned its name from an American soldier who placed this combination bet with an English bookmaker and landed a prize of several hundred thousand dollars. Whether that story is true we can’t be sure, but it is certainly possible to scoop a big prize when you bet on football with a Yankee. When the potential profits of a Yankee are explained, you’ll see why this is such a popular bet with football and sports punters.

The Yankee has some similarities to the Trixie in that it doesn’t include any single bets, so you need more than one of your selections to win in order to make a profit. It is effectively made up of eleven bets: six doubles, four trebles and a four-fold accumulator.

As the Yankee involves more bets than a Patent or Trixie, it requires a bigger stake, but also has the potential to return a larger profit. For example, a successful £20 Yankee that involves four football bets all at odds of 3.0 would return a healthy profit of £419.92. That’s a good return, and the Yankee remains a perennial favourite with football punters.

Lucky 15 bet

Just as the Patent adds a degree of security to the Trixie by introducing single bets, the Lucky 15 provides reassurance for football punters who would consider betting a Yankee but want to ensure that they get some kind of return even if they only get one selection correct.

The Lucky 15 is named after the total number of bets involved in the combination. A Lucky 15 is made up of 6 doubles, 4 trebles, 4 singles and a four fold accumulator. The advantage of this type of combination bet is that even if one of your four selections wins, you will still make a profit. And if you manage to get all four right, then your returns could be big. For example, a £40 Lucky15 bet on four teams to win, each at odds of 3.0 would return you a profit of £638, compared to a total profit of £320 if you backed them all as single bets.

The appeal of the Lucky 15 is that it covers all possible options, which makes it ideal for punters who don’t want to risk losing their whole stake if they get one or two bets wrong.

Trebles bet

Trebles are the next step up in football betting accumulators, and work in the same way as doubles, only this time focused on three separate events. The winnings and stake from the first bet roll over onto the second bet and if that selection is successful, the returns move on to the third bet. Let’s say you backed the following treble:

  • Back Arsenal to win at 3.0
  • Back Tottenham to win at 3.5
  • Back Everton to win at 4.0

If any of these selections fails your bet will be a losing one, which is the obvious risk that applies to all accumulator bets. But if all three win you stand to gain a significant profit.

Calculating the returns on a treble is straightforward. Simply multiply the decimal odds together and then multiply the answer by your stake. So if you bet on this treble with a £10 stake, your return would be £420 and your profit would be £410.

As you can see, betting with trebles and with larger accumulators is a quick way to generate large returns from small stakes and back in the days when no single bets on football were allowed, the treble football accumulator was a staple of football punters’ weekend betting.

Four Fold football bet

Once you’ve understood the principle of the accumulator bet, it is easy to add in as many selections as you wish, giving you a range of football accumulator options. When a bet like this includes four or more selections it is usually labelled by the number of selections involved; in this case, a Four Fold, which includes bets on four separate events.

The Four Fold is a common bet with football punters, particularly at the start of the English football season, when many people attempt to predict the winner of all four English divisions. So, for example, you may have a Four Fold that looks like this:

  • Manchester City to win the Premier League at 3.0
  • Aston Villa to win the Championship at 6.0
  • Walsall to win League One at 33.0
  • Port Vale to win League Two at 12.0

In this case, two relatively short-priced selections (Manchester City and Aston Villa) are combined with two bets at longer odds (Walsall and Port Vale). These bets at shorter prices are often known as ‘bankers’; selections that the punter is confident will win, and, as here, bankers are usually combined with bets at higher odds to produce a balanced Four Fold. In this particular bet, if all four selections are successful, a £10 bet would produce a return of £71,280: a healthy result for a small stake!

Five Fold accumulator

A Five Fold accumulator works to the same principle as the Four Fold, but involves five selections. This is another type of bet that is often used by football punters to select the winners of the major football competitions before a season gets underway, perhaps by including a bet on the Champions League or Europa League, and potentially offers even greater rewards than a Four Fold, though with the additional bet there is extra risk.

One of the most important rules of a Five Fold, which also applies to all accumulator bets, is that if one of your bets is void, the whole accumulator is not treated as a losing bet. Instead, the void bet is taken out of the Five Fold, which effectively becomes a Four Fold. For example, let’s say you made the following football bet on a Saturday morning:

  • Arsenal to beat Chelsea at 3.0
  • Tottenham to beat Manchester City at 3.5
  • Everton to beat Liverpool at 4.0
  • Hull to beat Middlesbrough at 3.0
  • West Brom to beat Manchester United at 6.0

If the Hull versus Middlesbrough game is abandoned due to bad weather, this bet would be removed from the Five Fold, turning it into a Four Fold. This ensures that football punters are not penalised when a bet becomes void through no fault of their own, and is one of the reasons why football accumulator betting is so popular with football punters.

Super Yankee

The Super Yankee is a combination bet that is essentially an upgrade on the Yankee bet described earlier. It is also sometimes known as a Canadian. Whereas the Yankee covers four selections, the Super Yankee is based around five football bets and is made up of the following elements:

  • 10 Doubles
  • 10 Trebles
  • 5 Four Folds
  • 1 Five Fold Accumulator

That makes a total of 26 bets, so if you wanted to cover each bet with £10 it would cost you £260. In reality, most football punters who bet with the Super Yankee split their normal stake safe in the knowledge that if all five selections are successful, they will scoop a big profit. When it comes to the Super Yankee, calculating your potential winnings can be complicated, and using one of the many free online bet calculators is advised.

The profits from the Super Yankee can be huge. For example, a £10 Super Yankee on the five selections mentioned above in the Five Fold section would land returns of £939.93. The drawback of the Super Yankee is that it doesn’t include Single bets, so in order to generate a profit, you need three of your five selections to be successful.

Lucky 31 bet

The Lucky 31 is a combination bet that is an upgrade on the Lucky 15 mentioned earlier. It can also be considered a variation on the Super Yankee, as it involves five selections. But unlike the Super Yankee, it includes Single Bets. A Lucky 31 is made up as follows:

  • 5 Singles
  • 10 Doubles
  • 10 Trebles
  • 5 Four Folds
  • 1 Five Fold Accumulator

As the name suggests, the Lucky 31 includes 31 bets and the addition of five Single Bets offers a degree of security for punters. It is also important to note that, as with all combination bets, with the Lucky 31, it doesn’t matter what order to put your selections in when you complete your betting slip online or in person, as all the bets are equally covered.

What is a Heinz bet?

The Heinz is another popular type of football combination bet. It is named after the food company Heinz, which once advertised its products with the slogan ’57 varieties’. As you can probably guess, the Heinz, therefore, includes 57 bets, built from six selections:

  • 15 Doubles
  • 20 Trebles
  • 15 Four Fold Accumulators
  • 6 Five Fold Accumulators
  • 1 Six Fold Accumulator

As you can see, the lack of Single Bets means there is less insurance on this bet and hence more risk, but the flip side of that equation is that with a Heinz, your stake will be able to generate a larger potential return. For example, a £20 Heinz bet on six selections, all priced at odds of 3.0 would generate a profit of £1407.00. The Heinz, like many of the larger combined bets and accumulators, is often used by weekend football punters to combine a number of short-priced events, often involving fancied teams taking on lesser opponents.

Lucky 63 bet

For punters who want to combine six selections, but require a little extra security, the Lucky 63 bet is a good option. As the name suggests, this combination bet features 63 separate bets and is made up of the following options:

  • 6 Singles
  • 15 Doubles
  • 20 Trebles
  • 15 Four Fold Accumulators
  • 6 Five Fold Accumulators
  • 1 Six Fold Accumulator

This is another popular bet, particularly with punters who want to reduce their risk, and many bookmakers base promotional offers or deals on a Lucky 63, Lucky 31 or Lucky 15 bet.

Super Heinz Bet

For those football punters who really want to maximise their potential winnings, the Super Heinz bet is the ultimate option! It is essentially a Heinz bet but with an added selection, making seven altogether. A Super Heinz includes:

  • 21 Doubles
  • 35 Trebles
  • 35 Four Fold Accumulators
  • 21 Five Fold Accumulators
  • 7 Six Fold Accumulators
  • 1 Seven Fold Accumulator

That makes 120 bets in all, and if all seven bets are successful, the payouts can be impressive. For example, a £20 bet on a Super Heinz made up of seven selections priced at 3.0 would produce a profit of £2598.72. The absence of Single bets make this a more risky combination bet but the potential rewards can make it worthwhile.


Smart football punters know that they have to be alert to every opportunity and that often means taking a flexible approach to the type of bets you make. By making sure you understand the full range of types of football bets available, you will be in the best possible position to find the bet that fits your needs, make the most of your knowledge and maximise your winnings.